Thursday, October 28, 2004

this place i call home

What are you doing today? me? I am simply enjoying my new home here in Big Sur. I have finished up my year and a half stint at the UCSC farm and Garden and after many a day, week, month of great experiences and education, have happily moved along.

So, today I will tend to the baby seeds I planted this weekend, I will most likely dig in the soil, fuss with some of our native weeds and inevitably come back in the house and prepare for a small gathering tomorrow night. It is Clayton's birthday and we will also spend the evening warming our new home.
I feel very lucky to have this opportunity...Clayton and I took a leap of faith by deciding to live together and I am looking forward to letting all the nuances play themselves out. these types of of experieinces are what make this life so grand. We are working on figuring out who gets to do the dishes in the morning (we both use this time to clear ours groogy minds) Who's making the coffee and breakfast. Who uses the phone first, or the internet...all those silly little things.

**For those of you whom I have been a poor corresponder to, My sweety of over 1 year now and I are caretaking a beautiful and humble little home in Big Sur. Our job is that of a property manager for a man who owns the land. His name is Barklie and he not only gave us this great place to live but he as well supports pretty much all of our farming desires and has even teracced some of his land for us to grow crops on.**

In the bigger scope of our lives we just recieved 3 boxes of assorted cover crop seed. (cover crops are planted in fallow fields to prevent erosion, add nutrients to the soil and help to turn hard, unmanageable soils into plantable earth.) also, some garlic. We are planning on planting about 30 pounds of garlic which will HOPEFULLY turn into 300 pounds come late spring.

Our hope is that his garlic will be sold to the local restaurants. Clayton spent the summer growing dry-farm tomatoes and has set up many a relationship here in Big Sur with local chefs who are interested in supporting local, organic and sustainable growers. I am soooo proud of this man! So with his enthusiasm and my wilingness to do whatever it takes to keep those relationships going we are off into the fields...with this work we do not have much time for much else but I promise I will TRY to do a better job of keeping folks informed.

I hope you all are well...and that the sun shines on you warming the inner most depths.

One more thing...REFUGIA...for me it's a word, derived from refuge, that means a place that allows for all beings to be welcomed and nurtured. This place I call home is just that.